Monday, June 7, 2010

Consensus Big Board Rankings 6-07-2010

I finally got around to updating the latest Consensus Big Board rankings. I had been waiting for and to update their rankings; and since they both recently did... well... I could do my thing.

For those who are unaware, I take the Big Board rankings of the four major sites I look at for Big Boards (DX,,, and ESPN), then add in my own, and the average rankings make up the Consensus Big Board. This consensus gives everyone a better idea of where players may rank at the current point in time, and the database allows for all of us to see how a prospect's stock has fallen or risen as the days pass. The last update I did was May 2nd, and as you can see here (a link is also under the "Useful Files" tab on the sidebar), a lot of things have changed since then. The brief analysis of these rankings will be discussed below the fold.

There's usually a small group of prospects whose stocks make a significant increase during this time of the year, while many others see minor decreases in their stock as a result. Last year, Jonny Flynn seemed to be the main prospect moving up. This year? It seems like Luke Babbitt is the main benefactor, while Avery Bradley and Paul George also are reaping the benefits.

The reasons? Measurements are normally the first step in a guy having his stock raised. Babbitt impressed with his athletic measurements, and his performance in the shooting drills also helped his cause. Both he and George played in the relatively obscure WAC, so those with relatively little knowledge of them came away moving them up their boards as a result. Bradley, even though he played for a major school, still benefited because he measured out taller and longer than expected, while also performing as expected in the drills.

Individual or group workouts also play a big role in people moving up this time of year. The reports coming out of San Antonio and Chicago were big boosts to George's stock, as he supposedly wowed NBA personnel at both workouts when going against another great prospect, Xavier Henry. Bradley has also done the same against a group in Indiana, while Babbitt did the same in Milwaukee.

Finally, how a player interviews can make lasting impressions on teams and reporters alike. Babbitt and George are both seen as good interviewers. George recently had a piece written about him by DX, and also had a video of his workout and interview posted.

If you have done your homework, these results should not sway your rankings much... but in some cases you may have just not seen enough of a player so these things help you paint a picture of a player - for better or worse as these may not be indicative of how the player plays on the court nor give a good representation of a players athleticism or what a player truly thinks as they have been coached through these processes by their agents.

Stay tuned to see how these rankings continue to evolve up until draft night hits.

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