Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Casper's Final 2011 NBA Mock Draft

Final 2011 Mock Draft with odds that the pick is dealt and brief summaries.

Many thanks to the following people for various rumors:
Jonathan Givony (@DraftExpress)
Chad Ford (@chadfordinsider)
Scott Schroeder (@ScottSchroeder)

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1. Cleveland (from LAC) - Kyrie Irving (PG), Duke:
Odds pick is dealt: Zero
The Cavs say “Thank you” to the Clippers for gifting them a franchise PG. Off-the-court drama could steal some of his spotlight on draft night.

2. Minnesota - Derrick Williams (PF/SF), Arizona:
Odds pick is dealt: 50%
The Wolves are stuck with a tough choice to make after they take Williams, either keep him and figure out how to make the rotation work with a forward-heavy roster, or deal him for a SG or C. There are so many rumors floating about, that I can’t do anything but label this 50:50.

3. Utah (from NJN) - Brandon Knight (PG/SG), Kentucky:
Odds pick is dealt: Minimal
Do the Jazz go guard here or at #12? That’s the million dollar question. It appears that they have fallen in love with Knight, but they are open to selecting Kanter or Vesely as well.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Casper's Final 2011 NBA Draft Big Board

Final rankings of players, with Tiers and likely ranges (guys who are considered to have the 2nd round be the highest they will be drafted labeled 31-Undrafted) - players tabbed as 1st rounders have the teams who appear to have the most interest in them.

Tier 1:
1. Kyrie Irving - Fr. PG, Duke
Range: 1-2 --- Most likely: Cavaliers

Tier 2:
2. Derrick Williams - So. PF/SF, Arizona
Range: 1-2 --- Most likely: Timberwolves

Tier 3:
3. Jonas Valanciunas - 1992 C, Lietuvos Rytas
Range: 4-11 --- Most likely: Cavaliers, Pistons

4. Enes Kanter - 1992 PF/C, Kentucky
Range: 3-8 --- Most likely: Cavaliers, Wizards

5. Kemba Walker - Jr. PG, Connecticut
Range: 3-8 --- Most likely: Raptors, Kings