Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Quality Opponent Statistics

The statistics which were piled up against subpar teams aren't as useful to gauge a player as those which came against quality competition. Because of this, I go through and pick out teams which I view as the quality opponents a prospect could face (using RPI and then favoring the teams in the power conferences and quality mid-major conferences) and then log the stats of the high-profile prospects.

The link for the spreadsheet for everyone to view is here. I will discuss some of the best and worst after the break.

For the summaries of best and worst performers, I will use the per 36 minute numbers where appropriate, as that levels the playing field and almost all of these prospects are major contributors for the teams they play for. Also, if you are unfamiliar with Points Per Possession, it is one of my favorite stats to use for scoring efficiency and the formula I use is: Points/[(FTA/2.2)+FGA+Turnovers]

Top scorers at each position (factoring in points scored and efficiency)
PG: John Wall (17.7 pp36, 0.88 PPP, 0.51 FTA/FGA)
SG: James Anderson (23.2 pp36, 1.04 PPP, 0.50 FTA/FGA)
SF: Damion James (21.2 pp36, 1.02 PPP, 0.51 FTA/FGA)
PF: Ed Davis (16.5 pp36, 1.03 PPP, 0.65 FTA/FGA)
C: Artsiom Parakhouski (23.5 pp36, 1.21 PPP, 0.64 FTA/FGA)

Honorable mention:

Evan Turner (20.6 pp36, 0.91 PPP, 0.39 FTA/FGA)
DeMarcus Cousins (19.8 pp36, 0.96 PPP, 0.82 FTA/FGA)

Top playmakers at each position (factoring in assists and A:TO)
PG: Demetri McCamey (6.9 ap36, 1.93 A:TO)
SG: Evan Turner (5.6 ap36, 1.08 A:TO)
SF: Da'Sean Butler (3.1 ap36, 1.79 A:TO)
PF: Ekpe Udoh (2.5 ap36, 1.00 A:TO)
C: Greg Monroe (3.3 ap36, 1.06 A:TO)

Honorable mention:
John Wall (5.4 ap36, 1.22 A:TO)
Darington Hobson (4.4 ap36, 1.30 A:TO)

Top rebounders at each position
PG: Kemba Walker (4.4 rp36)
SG: Darington Hobson (10.2 rp36)
SF: Al-Farouq Aminu (11.6 rp36)
PF: Ed Davis (11.2 rp36)
C: DeMarcus Cousins (13.6 rp36)

Honorable Mention:
Evan Turner (8.6 rp36)
Derrick Favors (11.0 rp36)
Cole Aldrich (13.1 rp36)

Best defensive metrics at each position (steals + blocks)

PG: Kemba Walker (2.02 sp36, 0.46 bp36)
SG: Xavier Henry (1.83 sp36, 0.56 bp36)
SF: Chris Singleton (2.38 sp36, 1.64 bp36)
PF: John Henson (1.32 sp36, 3.97 bp36)
C: Hassan Whiteside (0.63 sp36, 5.43 bp36)

Honorable Mention:
Wesley Johnson (1.09 sp36, 1.87 bp36)
Al-Farouq Aminu (1.53 sp36, 1.62 bp36)

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